1. Get a B or higher in English  Failed - Got a C :(
  2. Plant something doesn’t die the next week. Done - 25/11/12
  3. High-five a game developer
  4. Win the lotto.
  5. Have a BBQ in the middle of a massive storm (+1 for hail)
  6. Burn a big tree down
  7. Bungee jump off a massive cliff
  8. Bungee jump off a massive cliff while eating ice-cream
  9. Get 5000 posts on Minecraft Forums
  10. Get a Driving Licence
  11. Shot a guy in the balls with a paintball gun
  12. Take an arrow to the knee (+1 if I was adventuring)
  13. Do a 48 hour livestream (+1 if I stay up for whole thing)
  14. Give Citricsquid a High-five and a hug
  15. Get internet which exceeds 1gbps
  16. Get a Girlfriend.
  17. Have sex
  18. Get a job
  19. Understand Tumblr. Done - 2/12/12
  20. Keep my school laptop working until end of next year.
  21. Do a flash mob on a bus.
  22. Meet an Internet friend in real life
  23. Have a slave
  24. Spear tackle someone in soccer and not get penalized for it
  25. Skydive
  26. Skydive while eating ice-cream
  27. Skydive while playing cards
  28. Get an op 5 or lower in year 12 tests.
  29. Discover the real meaning to life
  30. Buy bigger hard drive.
  31. Get a C+ or higher in Music (Near Impossible) Done 14/12/12.. Somehow..
  32. Get a infraction on MCF for asking for one. 
  33. Finish this bucket list.